Alex in Lockdownland: Part Two.

Right. Lads. So. How are we?

Firstly, how grim is it that I even have a piece referencing a second lockdown?

Secondly, but how glam is it that it’s given me the chance to re-use that stunning pun as a title?

So. Here we are AGAIN at the tail end of another lockdown, despite the fact that this lockdown feels overtly different in comparison to the last but frankly, what is the point of divulging into another loathsome lockdown rant when instead we can discuss the little things that we’re doing to just help us simply shuffle along in this absolute madness?

I think it’s safe to say that given the levels of uncertainty that we’re all surrounded by, being kind to yourself is key in lockdownland, so whatever you need to do or not do in order to feel at ease then just goooo with it. Guilt free, happy out. Like, I always thought of Adrienne and Benji as two of the four horsemen of the apocalypse but for some reason having her tell me to flake myself down into chaturanga dandasana in an overly eager chirpy tone is the best way for me to start my days.

Outside of my daily date with what I can only describe as the yoga instructor from Lazy Town, I am absolutely weak for classic escapism in the form of soothing on-screen entertainment. As I write this I’m currently watching “The Holiday” with my housemates, which for every year until now has strictly been a “post-December 1st movie”, but once again, if you know that something is going to make you happy in lockdown, just do it.*

Aaaaand on that note, I have now compiled a list of various things that you can do/watch/listen to in order to distract yourself from the fact that your roommates are bate into their Barre by Emma classes while you’re lying on the couch in your dressing gown, simultaneously scrolling through Hinge and watching season five of “Real Housewives of Beverly Hills” while nursing a cup of tea and a sharebag of Bourneville chocolate buttons. We all cope in various ways.

Now, I do feel like a one-woman version of the Culture segment of The Sunday Times but that’s always been my favourite part so I am kind of weak for myself.


Alex in Theatreland: Lockdown Edition.


Now, I know that during lockdown numero uno we were graced with various archived footage from various plays and musicals that we all know and love and have definitely done a seven minute medley to in our stage school’s end of year show despite the fact that the production manager had stated that all numbers must be under three minutes** but NOW we have an an incredible chance to see NEW MUSICAL THEATRE streamed to our homes and my stagey heart cannot cope. So please enjoy this list of stageyness to get you through to the end of lockdown.

An Evening with Molly Lynch: Now my brudr cousins and sista friends, this is a concert with the beyond talented Molly Lynch being streamed live from a theatre in London (I am honestly fit to burst with excitement) in association with our lovely home gaff, the Cork Opera House. As a gal who has had the absolute JOY of getting to work with Molly and hearing her sing on a multitude of occasions, I can 10/10 guarantee that this is worth your while. Tickets are only €5 which is essentially the same price as buying a coffee with alternative milk from some café in Soho and we can’t even do that anymore so you may aswell gwan ahead and by yourself a ticket…
TONIGHT! Saturday November 21st, 8pm, €5 – tickets from

The Last Five Years: Now, it may seem like there is a theme to this list. As this also includes Molly Lynch. And you’d be dead right. I was absolutely TRAUMATIZED that I didn’t get to see this show past technical rehearsals in March, but then I was #blessed to have finally seen it in October just before Lockdown 2.0 and what a return to theatre it was. This has been one of my favourite musicals since I was genuinely about ten (nobody needed to hear a ten year old belting “Still Hurting” in the shower yet I rose to the challenge with great gumption and premature vocal nodules x) and I was absolutely devastated that the movie essentially tainted it for me (nothing against Jeremy Jordan and Anna Kendrick, they are both a very talented pair of rides in their own right but c’mere to me what a load of shite), but this production made my love for the show rise from the ashes like a glamorous stagey phoenix and has me absolutely buzzing at the thought of being able to see it again.
November 26-29, 2.30pm/7.30pm, £15 – tickets from

Fiver: ALSO at my beloved Southwark Playhouse, I was so SO gutted that I didn’t get to see this show during it’s original run but nooowww they are delivering the livestreamed goods in the form of new musical theatre! Beyond buzzing to see this show with a stunning cast including the most talented Luke Bayer who I am only WEAK for – we love to see it.
November 27-28, 3.15pm/7.45pm, £15 – tickets from

The Fabulist Fox Sister: Southwark Playhouse honestly must be absolutely BATE from delivering the stellar musical goods. I feel veeeery lucky to have gotten to see an excerpt of this musical at Signal last December (an event created and hosted by the insanely talented Adam Lenson who is also directing this musical) and I am SO excited to see livestream of this world premiere of this one-person musical (my life is essentially a one-person musical but this seems far more witty and interesting to be honest).
December 4-5, 3.15pm/7.45pm, £10 – tickets from


Alex in TVLand:

Albeit, while I was positively glued to my screen anytime Netflix or Prime dropped a new series or even better – a new season of the classic and constant recommendations (please see “The Queen’s Gambit”*** and “The Crown” for reference), sometimes it’s just a bit sound to be able to watch something without having the absolute fear of seeing a spoiler on Twitter or having to engage with your group chat about the episode that you watched three days ago but weren’t allowed mention until now because one of the girls was waiting to watch it with her boyfriend at the weekend.**** So please enjoy these semi-current/semi-summer 2020 things to watch during Lockdown 2.0

The Undoing: A slow burner if I’ve ever come across one, but when you get into it by Jesus are you into it. Things to note throughout the series include: how Hugh Grant is still an absolute RIDE at 60, why is Nicole Kidman styled as if she is about go on tour with “Celtic Woman” and why are people only realising now that Lily Rabe should just be cast in absolutely everything that television has to offer?*****

I May Destroy You: Hands down one of the best things to come out of 2020, the most perfect balance of humour and drama like honestly can we please show this series in every secondary school and also just grant Michaela Coel every award and accolade under the sun because her talents come to no end.******

Love Life: Now, this show has created some tension within my household as we are very divided when it comes to our opinions on Anna Kendrick (Sinead absolutely hAtEs her whereas I’m kinda weak for her despite the aforementioned L5Y adaptation catastrophe) but honestly a stunningly easy watch that would have you longing for the days where you were able to go out and have a drink and meet a lad who seems like a scream because they’re wearing a vintage denim jacket and turn out to be a stunning kisser but inevitably end up being blocked from your Instagram stories after a few weeks.*******

Modern Love: This was something that I binged in a solid 16 hours in January but now my housemate Meg is watching it so I now feel it is my duty to get everyone else on the bandwagon and witness performances from Anne Hathaway in what I would say is one of her best roles and also the most loveable Irish man I ever have come across in my life, Mr. Andrew Scott.

The Comey Rule: I started watching this maybe a week or so before the election so I did slightly throw up in my mouth at the thought of seeing Trump in office for another four years but now thanks to Pennsylvania I can now watch this show with the greatest of ease and enjoy the performances of Jeff Daniels and Brendan Gleeson without feeling like impending doom is upon the world.

Pose: Ryan Murphy is finally forgiven for seasons five through nine of “American Horror Story” having redeemed himself through the creation of “Pose”. Everything about this show holds my heart. Just watch it. Twice.

This is Us: I am so emotionally to attached to this show that it’s honestly borderline unhealthy. Do I sometimes prefer the Pearson family to my own? Potentially. Should I detest Justin Hartley for what he did to Chrishell but can’t help but nearly lick my screen any time he comes on? Maybe. Am I thankful that they have styled Milo Ventimiglia in a denim jacket which is very reminiscent of his “Gilmore Girls” days? Hypothetically if I were to start a “Give Jess Mariano a spin-off immediately” petition would you sign it? These are my questions for you.

The Real Housewives of Beverly Hills: No words necessary. Just do it.


I usually make myself go for a walk at least once a day, especially during lockdown, but yesterday I couldn’t bring myself to actually leave my flat and days like that are perfectly fine too, and if you find yourself having those days, then I hope that the list above comforts you as much as it does me. Especially with Milo Ventimiglia in that denim jacket. Jack Pearson truly has set the bar high for all men.

And there we go.

Until next time.

Much love and respect to ya pals,

Al x

*Obviously do whatever makes you happy in lockdown pending it’s Covid safe. Like rewatch “Desperate Housewives” on Amazon Prime, don’t go drinking on the boardwalk by Electric. Not about that life. No matter how good the takeaway pints are. Yano.

**We’ve all done that Joseph megamix while wearing an abundance of block coloured T-shirts. Don’t lie to yourself.

***There’s only so long that I can look at Anya Taylor-Joy before I run down to Boots for a nail scissors and a box of red hair dye and immediately regret my decision while resembling a 24 year old playing a grown-up Annie in a community hall am-dram production.

****This may read with a hint of bitterness, but I LOVE watching every series by myself. I swear. *drinks*

***** From a Stevie Nicks obsessed witch to a NYC single-mom boss-ass lawyer. I mean, THE RANGE.

******I haven’t mentioned “Chewing Gum” as I feel that it’s just a given that you’ve all seen it. Especially *that* scene. I die everytime.

*******This is not coming from experience. I swear.

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