Still down the rabbithole.

Right. Lads. How are we.

Firstly, I would like to begin this post by mentioning the fact that my last post opened with a reference to Andrew Scott and his sacrilegiously sexy rendition of the Hot Priest and since then I have attended a private talk with him so honestly I feel like I summoned him upon me, and therefore will now only be referencing things that would make my 2020 an absolutely banging year if summoned.*

It has been well over a month since I last attempted to piece together my ramblings of London life and I would love to say that I have been absolutely bowled over with an abundance of excitingly glamorous events but in reality I just haven’t had time to write in between waitressing 48 hours a week and spending my days off trawling around Brick Lane looking for vegan hot chocolate and £5 vinyls.

To be fair now I really need to cop on and post on a more regular basis because I am BATE from the recaps but basically up until this point I have just been up the walls both emotionally and physically, but now I’m at a fairly solid point in my time here.

I’m now in my new house exactly three months, which was preluded by a move that I never actually depicted in a post but involved my moving in with my heaven-sent aunt and uncle for two weeks, a move-out that was executed so gracefully by my mother and then a move-in executed with a great tactic from my father who somehow managed to get three West End shows as a reward for his assistance, when all my poor mother got was a Thai dinner in Chiswick with a daughter who could cry on cue.**

The move was weird in a sense that I was leaving my first London home, and you’d be frantic about the change – to be fair you’d be even more frantic when you realise that you forgot to change the delivery address on your Ticketmaster account and had your ticket for Electric Picnic 2020 sent to this address and further had to bombard the new tenants to retrieve it.***

But anyway, I digress – all in all, I would say that I am beyond thankful for my first year in London accompanied by all of the ups and all of the downs, but definitely have begun year two in a really good place where a small change was needed to get me out of that funk and elevate my spirits.

Living with my three Cork gals is a hashtag blessing and the motivation and the support that surrounds my household is so peak it’s almost sickening, but I’m weak for them and our troika of theatre trips, content creation and vegan vibes.

It’s been a fairly solid three months; I quit my waitressing job. I got to work closely on an Off West-End production of one of my favourite musicals EVER with the most glorious cast and creative team****, and then I finished working on that show and went to ANOTHER waitressing job.

Simply the circle of life eh, one night you’re at a press night with some of the coolest people you’ve ever come across, and then the next moment you’re back dropping salad plates to tables. It really has to be said that choosing a career in the arts truly keeps you on your toes. I will say that this waitressing job is potentially the most highly entertaining job I’ve ever come across and comedic content is offered shift after shift so just you wait Henry Higgins***** just you WAIT for the bombardment of stories.

Right now, I’m back in Cork for what you could say is an overly pro-longed period of time, but I’m embracing my time back in the homeland with tentatively-opened arms. Three weeks spent in Cork after not being home for four months is a lot and I’m finding it all very strange to be back, but also trying to make the most of it, and I will say that the fact that O’Connaill’s are now serving oat milk is making it that little bit easier.

While I take a break from Londonland I feel like it’s only right to include a focus on Cork-based ramblings, and there’s more to come. Trust me, a whole three weeks’ worth of them.

Until next time,

Much love and respect to ya pals,

Al x

*Can’t wait for Jake Gyllenhaal to come across this and realise that I am the one x

**Casting directors hit me up you COWARDS.

***All is well, the ticket has been retrieved and EP TV will be back in 2020.

****Now running at the Charing Cross Theatre until January 11th 2020 x

*****Musical theatre references just flow through my veins and I wish that I could refrain from using them but words fail and I just cain’t say no and then they’re just non-stop. I hate myself. I’ll stop now. Mamma Mia.

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