Alex in Londonland: A Brief Introduction.

Well. Lads. How are we?

Welcome to what is essentially about to become my unofficial diary that I am choosing to publish online as I semi-disguise it as a creative outlet.

To be completely honest with all two people reading this, I have absolutely no idea how this whole thing works so if my layout is all over the gaff and my contents are far and few I ask you to bear (I just had to Google whether it was “bare” or “bear” but I have an English degree I swear) with me.

Anyway. Welcome to my life in London. The cosmopolitan metropolis where upon my emigration I intended to be Sarah Jessica Parker living her best life, dining out daily, inhabiting the apartment of dreams and making an obvious name for herself in her profession of choice, as can be seen in the opening title sequence of “Sex and the City” where her poster is plastered across the side of a bus as we see her straddling some IKEA couch in the sauciest nightie the GAP has to offer. Goals.

Unfortunately, up until this point in time, the closest I have come to seeing myself advertised on a bus is when I’m in shot of the security screens on the 237 to White City and my version of dining out daily is finding a yellow-stickered tikka masala in Marks and Spencer but honestly I am not complaining.

So my time here so far has been less Carrie Bradshaw and more Bridget Jones but sure look I don’t remember there being a third “SATC” movie* so I guess I’m coming out the right side of single gals living their lives in respectively large cities and just trying to get by one overpriced brunch at a time.

Prepare yourself for rants and raves which will be both a skit and a scream from this Co. Cork gal and her life in the Big Smoke.

Much love and respect to you pals,

Al x

*I’m still raging at Kim Cattrall.

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